Who is Linda Loible?

As I am so really fond of butterflies I have treasured a bunch of items related to these: books, stamps, craft; in any case, I am not really a collector. I also own a range of old cards (more particularly two small albums published in Great Britain by Crosse & Blackwell and Brooke Bond Tea). In the last one, the illustrations achieved by Richard Ward are wonderful top quality items. I also own some samples of punched cards printed into iridescent paper (these were gifts of a Spanish pastries company).

Guillermo Coll | Linda Loible

Let’s focus on the album: we can read in the first page the name of the very first owner “Linda Loible” along with her address. I was tempted, I had thought so many times about sending her a letter and giving her back her album a friend of mine found in a fair (this is quite another weird long story). Anyway, Linda Loible owned this album forty years ago. I have also thought of sending her a drawing instead of the album.

I think that perhaps one day I will be doing the same and I will be putting my name next to Linda’s, then I will offer this album to someone else fond of this kind of art and I will allow this album to continue its journey. Perhaps one day… who knows?  

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