My Work

Advertising Illustration | Guillermo Coll


I worked for a few years in advertising agencies entrusted both illustrating and photo-retouching...

IRON BUTTERFLY | Guillermo Coll

Cars & Locomotives

I really think that cars a far more difficult to paint than aircraf...

Morandi | Guillermo Coll


I have always liked making exercises and sketches in order to establish ideas...

González Gil-Pazo GP-1 | Guillermo Coll


We are showing a twelve-painting series of small format works depicting the golden age of British sport aviation...

Butterflyes | Guillermo Coll


Butterflies have been a recurrent subject in my artwork for more than ten years, I have carried out so many sketches, drawings and paintings...

Lo nuestro es imposible | Guillermo Coll

Spiders & Birds

I am either terrified and fascinated by spiders, they seem to have been given a certain degree of inteligence we are not able to understand...

El arbol seco (dried tree) (I) | Guillermo Coll

Dry Twig & Haikus

I carried on some other black and white works with texture but forgetting the previous subject...

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