Us both, late 2021

This has been a long bumpy 23-year trip. We met late 1998, in a publishing house, Guillermo was the chief-editor and I was… the chief-translator? To put it plainly, the only translator, so chief of none. 

We became friends, decided to share a flat, we were just two fools who wanted to become professional. Painting and writing. What can I say? We have achieved our goals. To this end, we have worked hard. At the beginning we just met to talk about our future, then we started an English-Spanish blog and now… Well, now we have a website. 

It is clear that we are going through a pandemic, a situation which will bring serious, negative consequences for Mankind. We are enduring losses and pains. Both of us have been through hard times last year. For some months we were unable to meet, Guillermo had familiar issues. But we were still working as a team, we phoned each other one or twice a week. 

This website is our office, a place where both our worlds can meet: I am a 21st Century person, Guillermo is a timeless individual with classical ideas and principles. This is also a small part of the virtual world where we can meet our readers, where we can meet you all. That’s why, first of all, we’d want to thank Enrique, he made this wonderful website for us, he is the one who works in the shade. 

We have plans, we intend to improve the website in 2022 and prepare major achievements for the next few years. 

We would like to thank all of you, our readers, to wish you merry Christmas and a very happy new year and to encourage you to share your thoughts. You can either write your comments in our blog or contact us.  

All the best. 

Sara & Guillermo 

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