Cars models

My penchant for the models in 1/43 scale goes back a long way (going through different stages anyway): sometimes it has been just a hobby, some other times it turned to be a complementary job. So far, I have built more than five hundred kits, most of them on request of a customer. There is a bunch of trademarks, accessories’ manufacturers and private collectors dealing with both the subject and the scale; coming from France: Provence Moulage, MCM…, from Italy: Tameo, BBR… and from Great Britain: Marsh Models, SMTS…

When I make a car just for me, which I always sell or give in the long run, I do not focus on periods, races or firms. Nevertheless, I am quite fond of the 1950s period with its sort of splendour which is evident in almost every field (think of all sports cars that entered cars racing such as ‘24 Hours of Le Mans’, the ‘Carrera Panamericana’ sports car racing or ‘Sebring’). My favourite automobile firm is the British Aston Martin one (car scale model kits are made by Renaissance Models).

Both accuracy and cleanliness are essential to build these miniatures. Once the bodywork is achieved, the fitting must be checked. Next, the scale model has to be placed onto a simple support. During both the painting and the final assembly, I never, ever, touch the scale model with my hands. In a certain way, it is a watchmaker’s job.

Cars models

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