Carlos de Diego Vaquerizo

Carlos de Diego

Since the publishing house ACCION PRESS was a real diaspora we need to mention that Carlos was there too. I had been there for a while when he joined our team. He worked for a few years as a modeller, as a member of a brilliant group which was the seed of the next Euro Modelismo magazine. Over the years he became the chief-editor of Panzer Aces mag. He knew how to reinvent himself and gradually stopped making models in scale but improved his digital illustration skills. Nowadays he mainly deals with illustrations and texts. His illustrations, focussing on military vehicles are currently published in books and magazines.

Carlos de Diego

As I was surrounded by all sort of people building and painting models in scale, I could find some moments of rest and peace looking him at work. A task for solitary patience, all this ‘miniaturising’ imagination, this sort of living those great things which are present in all tiny bits. Carlos’ corner was undoubtedly the most preserved and warm but also the most unfathomable; I know very little about military vehicles and AFVs but I found a sort of peace in all those miniatures ‘wrapped around the fingers’, these minuscule details that require calmness and slowness.

Tireless worker, disciplined, organized and reliable, I must point out his honesty, no compromises; He being honest and true to the way he lives, to the way he works. After a while I could return to my own table, full of photographs and sheets of paper, the telephone ringing, still thinking about his outstanding models: a real challenge for a lazy mind. A thorough description needs a whole-hearted love.


 These could have been my own words.


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