The Musketeers

We attended some painting lessons in a school of art, we met there and quite soon we get along. This is a hazard of hearts as we never choose our classmates (it usually depends on the timetable). I am quite sure the foundations of our friendship are our very different painting styles. We choose our teachers all along our way, the masters in the museums who lead us with their influence, these ones we consider our mates but who aren’t able to help us when we face the truth and who leave us alone. The real marks, the most important knowledges and the funniest ones are those from our friends.

Guillermo Coll | The Musketeers

I enjoyed sitting in front of an easel, close to them and, from time to time, to make a break and just to watch them at work (most of the times they barely noticed). So I was capable to learn about expressiveness and colour looking at Sepe’s works, to enjoy Gracia’s silent and calm attitude and to benefit of Guillermo’s intelligence and confidence. Then, I went back to my work with endless peace in my heart. So few things in the world can compare to the magic of watching someone painting. I recommend it. From left to right: Esperanza del Olmo “Sepe”, Gracia Ruiz and Guillermo Fernández-Díez.

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