House of Mexico – Madrid (Spain)

The House of Mexico has started its own activity

Casa México Madrid | Guillermo Coll

The new siege of the House of Mexico in a freshly renewed mansion in Calle Alberto Aguilera, 20 (20, Alberto Aguilera street in Madrid). The House of Mexico has started its own activity with the exhibition “Tres siglos de pintura en México” (Three centuries of Mexico’s painting). I have always been very fond of both Mexican history and culture, I have even made further researches but I must confess I had very little knowledge of painters and artists; I merely had some references of Rufino Tamayo and of Francisco Toledo.

Casa México Madrid | Guillermo Coll
Casa México Madrid | Guillermo Coll

We need to point out the Spanish influence during the period of the viceroyship and the interest of so many European and North American artists in the 19th century: for all those people, Mexico was the final destination of their own Grand Tour. Nevertheless, the much original character of the Mexican art became so obvious in the 20th century, certainly oneiric and, at the same time, absolutely attached to the traditions and the land.

Along with the exhibition itself, we absolutely advise a tour of the rest of showrooms for the visitors to admire different and beautiful sculptures, pottery pieces and outstanding handicraft made in this Aztec country.

Casa México Madrid | Guillermo Coll

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