Das Boot

In the middle of the digital area, it is increasingly difficult to find good pieces of paper or illustration cardboard, specifically made for airbrush tool. When making this profile of a German U-boat I thought of working onto a DM plank, whose measurements were 30 x 110 x 0.5-cm, previously applying a few layers of gesso (plaster), smoothly sanding down each layer and waiting patiently for each coat to dry in order to get a perfect white and levelled surface.  Acting like this, the pencil drawing can be as much precise as required and adhesive masking tape can be used.

In any case, I needed a while to get accustomed to a material less absorbent than paper. The usual pressure of the airbrush absolutely needs to be slightly reduced in order to avoid floods. The main advantage: retouches and glazing can be applied with paintbrush and oil paints onto acrylic colours protected by a layer of varnish so the result is much richer.  Nowadays, this profile belongs to my friend Jose Antonio Chamarro.

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