Books on butterflies

I started purchasing books on butterflies when I was young. At the beginning very simple guides with no taxonomic-scientific interest and full of mistakes. Well, it did not matter to me I was just interested in beautiful drawings. I much prefer, I have always preferred books with illustrations than photographs, I find them so charming. In any case, photographs show the insects as they are in the real world, both prepared specimens and butterflies in their natural environment.

Book of butterflies

As far as the European butterflies are concerned I have two classic field guides written by Tom Tolman and Lionel G. Higgins. These works have been published a number of times in different countries and are beautifully illustrated by Richard Levington and Brian Hargreaves. I have also, in my library, some books on species of butterflies from all over the world, night and day butterflies. Among all these books I need to mention The Concise Atlas of the Butterflies of the World, by Bernard d’Abrera. One always tends to store many more things than necessary: I am always aware of new discoveries when I go to a bookstore (I am really fond of old books!). One day I found two splendid field guides published in Great Britain, around 1973, by Frederick Warne Publisher.

I have my own sketches and my notebooks too; I write notes, make simple drawings to capture my impressions or my thoughts. I usually carry a small notebook bound like real books that can fit everywhere. Every fine arts’ company produces these notebooks with drawing paper or watercolour paper sheets. 

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